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Maple Story News & Events
Maple Story News

Fast Maplestory Leveling Guide level 1-30

Here is a fast leveling guide from level 1 to level 30 in Maplestory.I will be giving a guide on how to get to level 1 to 30 within a week (unless you are TRULY lazy or only sell things on your charac..


Obtained Mesos In MapleStory

Here are some Mesos level guides in MapleStory that I got from other website, and hope you like it.a. Do Winstons Fossil Dig-up quest. The 30K mesos obtained are a considerable amount for the level 21..


A Beginner's Guide of Maple Story

When you are starting to play Maple Story, you do not start off as any particular character class as a Maple Story player.Instead, you will initially start off as a beginner when you play the game.Nev..


Maple story Warrior Guide

Be you a newbie to the Maplestory game, you must get familiar with Warrior. It is important for you to acquaint yourself with Maplestory game go all out. Now we will make a full content of Warrior in ..


Maple Story Skill

MapleStory Party Quest is a term that was created in the Global version, suspected because it was easier to type. They can be found in Henesys, Kerning City, Amoria, Ludibrium, Orbis, Magatia, and Her..


Learning New Skills In MapleStory

There are skills introduce in game, hope you like it.Currently, MapleStory Europe, divided into separate categories by character profession, it boasts over 80 individual skills to choose from. This en..


MapleStory: Easy money

Hello!welcome to visit Our website!Maybe you can make about 20,000 Mesos in a hour but it is very dangerous. maple story Make your way to the Ant Hill through the dungeon. Then once you are in Sleepyw..


Monsters information in Maplestory

Welcome to Our website, players !In Maplestory maybe you have already killed a monster and picked up its drops. This is what this method uses - monsters. Monsters, you and a weapon.This is very easy t..


MapleStory art Hacking

Hi players, glad to see you at Our website!Here I got some message from other site, hope it could help you some! by the way, if you need maple story mesos with fast deliver, you can go to our site and..


MapleStory Guide for choose party members

If you are leader then this introduce will good for you, it is about what kind of members you would want to in MapleStory, take a minute to have a look please !1. Warriors - It is discouaged to get Wa..


Making MapleStory mesos by hunting

Hello, MapleStory players, this short statement is found from other site, hope it is informative for you, here we go !As you have to kill acually, this way is harder than merchandising!This part is mo..


MapleStory: Warrior's Pros and Cons

Have you ever played the gane MapleStory ? If you have played you must know that there are three main types of Warriors, they are Fighters, Pages, and Spearmen. Warriors are the strongest melee charac..


MapleStory: How To Level Up instant

The source is from here.Start training at Henesys Hunting Ground for a bit in MapleStory.Partying with someone helpfull, dont loot off of them, and have them do it for you, thats basically stealing (b..


Maplestory:Hermit build guide

There is a hermit build guide.If you want to play a hermit in MapleStory,just read the following info.Hope its useful for you.Firstly, what to do with our advancement point? Some people say put it in ..


Maplestory tips for hunter

There are some tips for hunter.If you have just started playing a hunter in Maplestory, then this is the portion you should read.1.When starting out, do both quests at maple island to save mesos on eq..


Maplestory Warrior AP Distrubution

Here we will introduce the Maplestory Warrior AP Distrubution. May hope is that this article can help some people.The most important AP to warriors is STR. STR determines how high a warriors maximum d..


MapleStory: Game Opinions

MapleStory is also a hot game in our website , players may have different point of views about this game , here are some opinions from a guest writer , read and learn something he delivered to you and..


MapleStory Easter Event Quest Guide

Dear players , glad to see you .I collect a quite easy quest guide for MapleStory Easter , player who have interest can read it .Easter : Easter Basket (Level 8+)Who to talk to: Maple Administrator Re..


Maplestory:good training areas for archer

This is a guide for good training areas for levels ranging from 10 through 50.If you have just started playing a archer in Maplestory, then this is the portion you should read.Level 10At this level le..


Maplestory Dragon Knight: Dragon Blood vs Warrior Elixers

As a Maplestory player, you need some game guides to enhance your characters skills. So i collect lots of MMORPG guides from network. Of course, you can post your guides or tips at our website.The cho..


How to level up fast in MapleStory

Well hi everyone there! So somebody kept wondering what is the way to get their level up faster, I post this guide from Kwopau for you guys. The source is here. Hope it could be helpfull. If you wanna..


Maplestory:cleric training spot guide

Cleric is a more popular class in MapleStory.They have holy spells that are very powerful against the undeads and evil-based monsters. They also have skills that makes up for their low stamina and gua..


MapleStory Warrior guide

If you choose the warrior class in Maplestory, you should read the information below. This article is a basice guide for maplestory warrior. Hope it is helpful for you:Warriors use brute strength to t..


MapleStory Character Guides

Dear players , you must have played the game MapleStory , So you must know the characters in this game . Well , here is a guide for them , newbies can have a look ! And wish you a good time in ourwebs..


MapleStory Bowman Intermediate Guide

This passage I collected from other website , its a guide about bowman in intermediate stage .The level and recommanded monsters are depending on how you build your archer, some places may not be good..


Guide To Making Millions of Mesos

seem way to good to be true, they will want you to trade your mesos, your items or anything else you might have without them giving you anything in return but a promise of something great in the futur..


Newbie Guide

User SettingsSometimes a player will alter the settings within the game to make it suit their style of play or system. These changes are generally not cheating, except in extreme circumstances. Changi..


The magician guide

Magicians:Spell Casters What are magicians? Are they deft, swift creatures who sneak from place to place? Arrow-pulling creatures with an incredible amount of accuracy and skill? Creatures blessed wit..


Maple story Guide

MapleStory is a free, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG developed by the Korean company Nexon. Several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions, and each is published by various co..


Dexless thief guide:Cash Shop?

Create a Character The needed stats are shown below:STR: 4 DEX: ?? INT: 4 LUK: ?? Cash Shop? The cash shop plays a good role in a Dexless Thief. As you can see, Dex is still 25 and Luk is going higher..


How to Be Good at Maple Story

MapleStory is a free, downloadable MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that currently has over one million players. With monsters to fight, quests to complete, friends to make, and..


MapleStory : New Class -Pirates

Nexon has announced the addition of the new Pirate class to MapleStory, along with a number of new maps, skills, and game-play options.Los Angeles, CA - Nexon America Inc. invites gamers to step aboar..


MS walkthrough: warrior guide

Heres the guide, hope it helpsYou must keep rolling until you get INT 4, LUK 4. STR DEX doesnt matter.From level 1 to 10Stay in Maple Island and kill snails/mushrooms till u reached level 10. Make su..


Maple Island of MapleStory Overview

When you start MapleStory, you are summoned as a human being in Maple World, and yourjourney begins.Maple Island is where a novice traveler is born, and it is a peaceful island made up of small mushro..


Maple story Pirate Guide

Pirate(first job transfer)61pointsSomersault20、Straight1、Double Fire1、Dash1、Quick Motion19(Surplus 19 points Infighter Straight, Gunmen fire Double Fire ) Infighter(2nd job transfer)121point..


maple story mesos guides

You cannot drop more than 50000 Mesos at one time. Saying this, you also cannot drop less than 10 maple stroy mesos at one time. You can earn lots of mesos, allowing you to spend it on necessities for..


MapleStory Guide to Making Guild

This article about MapleStory is originally written byKnckturne. Credits to him. Thanks Knckturne for his effort. Click here you will find the original article.IntroductionSo you want the make a guild..


How to avoid scams in Maple story game

Scamming is rampant across Maplestory. Heres a few tips to avoid them1. When buying maple stroy mesos, always put half of the price up, and ask the other person to show the item. If not, then immediat..


Maple Story Cheats

Flip the screen:Code - Effect Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Up - Turns your screen right side up Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Down - Turns your screen upside down Minimize:Press Alt + Tab to minimize the gamebg musicif yo..


2% - 3% Bonus For EveryOne!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!To thank for the long time support provided by you, our dear customers, We started a sales promotion from 23th Dec to 3rd Jan,2009.Every customer can ask for 2%-3% e..


Maplestory Pirate Guide

Pirate(first job transfer)61pointsSomersault20、Straight1、Double Fire1、Dash1、Quick Motion19(Surplus 19 points Infighter Straight, Gunmen fire Double Fire ) Infighter(2nd job transfer)121point..


Maple Story & MS Mesos Guide

How to Get MapleStory MesosIntroduction1. What is the point of this guide.2. How is this useful.3. Why hunt?Mesos Making for Low Levels (lvl 30 or below)1. How to save money2. How to gain maple stroy ..


MapleStory Review( By Yoz )

IntroductionMaple Story Mesos, a Fascinating world, where you nurture and grow your own virtual character and experience out of the ordinary. BE another YOU in a different dimension, meet new friends ..


Maplestory Celebrates Halloween

Nexon Group, celebrates the upcoming Halloween holiday with oodles of new goodies to its smash hit, MapleStory Mesos. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game will expand the new continent o..


Kavatina Story: CB Approaching

NCsoft has started recruiting closed beta testers for Kavatina Story, another title from Wizet, the development studio behind Maple Story Mesos. The recruitment started from Nov. 13th till Nov 19th an..


Maple Story and Kart Rider Come to SEA

Kart Rider and Maple Story Mesos, two casual MMORPGs developed by Korea-based Nexon, will respectivel launch in Thailand and Vietnam. Kart Rider will be operated by True Digital Entertainment (TDE) in..


Chaosgem: A side scrolling game like Maple Story

Short IntroductionChaosgem is a side scrolling game like Maple Story Mesos. The characters in Chaosgem are cartoon style, cute and lovely, giving you a feeling that you are watching an anime.From June..


Review: Ghost Online vs Maple Story

This review is written by Dexcross from MMOsite Blog.I really hate to have a bad review of a game. But seriously, if I have to compare the game with the pioneer of 2D side scrolling MMORPG, Maple Stor..


MapleStory Special Event

Nexon USA announced the summer special in-game events will be launched for Maple Story Mesosin the next three month.NEXONS MAPLESTORY CELEBRATES THE START OF SUMMER WITH SPECIAL IN-GAME EVENTS AND NEW..


Japanese Woman Arrested for Virtual-World 'Murder'

It was the second news in this week we reportedabout virtual crime. News from FOX NEWS, A 43-year-old Japanese woman whose sudden divorce in a virtual game world made her so angry that she killed her ..


Halloween Hits MapleStory Europe!

Halloween is coming soon. The popular MMORPG MapleStory Goldalso get ready for the month-long eventintroducing new quests, items and beasts.Hereforthe details:October 16th, Seoul - Online trick or tre..


Maple Story

Pet IntroductionA pet is not really a live animal. It is actually a doll brought to life by a nomadic magician in Henesys named Cloy. Cloy sprinkles the Water of Life extracted from Ellinia onto to pe..


Nexon America Parties for MapleStory 3rd Anniversary

Nexon America celebrates the third anniversary of its free-to-play blockbuster, MapleStory, by unveiling new areas, contests and events for players.Los Angeles, CA. May 7, 2008. Nexon America Inc. cel..


Evolving MMOs: Changing Business Models

At the Austin GDC, an interesting panel took place on the issue of changing business models in MMOs - Free To Play has an easy to read, to the point summation of the panel, which included Robert Ferra..


MapleStory : E3 Interview

At E3, MMORPG.coms Carolyn Koh dropped by the studios of Nexon America, the makers of MapleStory, to talk about that games success and the most recent content update.Founded in 2005, Nexon Americas fi..


About Maplesoft

Maplesoft is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. Its product suite reflects the philosophy that given great tools, people can do great th..


Nexon America Unleashes Massive MapleStory Expansion

North Americas most popular free-to-play MMORPGhasreleased a new expansionThe Crimsonwood Keepwithnew epic storyline and adds original maps, enemies, story-focused quests and weapons.The details areas..


Maplestory: Positives vs Negatives

Maple story would have to have the friendliest graphics of all time. Although the game is 2D and often described as a Mario like MMO, its stunning graphics make up for it. The unique vibrant colours m..


Maple Story Review

Its rare for any game to approach its genre from a radically different angle. People approach a first person shooter or an on-line RPG with certain expectations of how it will look and play, and very ..


Why is Maple Story So Popular

It has been about three years since Maple Storys debut in the European and North American MMORPG markets. During these 3 years, Maple Story spread in each corner of the European and North American MMO..


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