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Maplestory: Positives vs Negatives

Maple story would have to have the friendliest graphics of all time. Although the game is 2D and often described as a Mario like MMO, its stunning graphics make up for it. The unique vibrant colours make each game area, and each of the towns a new experience.

The grind factor of MS (maple mesos story) is often looked down upon as at high levels of say 150 plus it could take you a week of 24/7 for one single level up, and the fact that even at low levels one training location could serve you 10 or more levels (example. Ice/Lightning Mage, leveling at crab map.) However the quick paced, fast killing, and short time between each mob, gives the game a very active and absorbing feel to it. With this type of game play there is no time for AFKing.

Each class is so different to each other and the game maps are so huge and spaced out it really is an adventure travelling around. High-level skills after 3rd job are visually breathtaking and so well hardcore (some taking up even half the screen maple mesos!) That it really does add the excitement to grind.


There is little to do in this game but grind, as bosses are limited and instances are scarce and mainly at low level, such as party quest lvl 20-30, lvl 35-50

Leveling taking so long is often viewed as a negative amongst modern day MMO players, and the main negative in MS in most players opinions is the hacking. The hacking in MS is more common than any other MMO I have played and it ruins the experience to some extent. Other then them it is a fun game and I suggest you don?t just pass up the game due to the 2D graphics but instead give it a go.

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