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How to Be Good at Maple Story

MapleStory is a free, downloadable MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that currently has over one million players. With monsters to fight, quests to complete, friends to make, and lots of places to visit, MapleStory provides a wealth of challenges. What’s more, since the game includes cute characters and plenty of scenery, even the youngest gamer can enjoy playing. While training is often long and tedious, it pays off in the long run if you can stick to it, because the higher your level, the more there is to do. Want to become good at MapleStory? All it takes practice–and a few helpful tips.

Logging In

Find a good place to train. A good place has a lot of monsters that are at least 3 - 5 levels below you. If your level is below 10, there will not be any monsters with low enough levels, so just train on snails and mushrooms on Maple Island.

Familiarize yourself with your character. It will take some trial and error to discover you character’s attack range, jumping height, etc. Once you become familiar with the basics, try to learn more advanced tricks, such as how to dodge a monster that is chasing you by turning around and jumping at the same time.

The MapleStory character creation screen.

Customize your controls. You use the mouse and keyboard to navigate maple stroy mesos. While the default keys may be acceptable, you might be able to improve your game by changing them.

Join or start a guild. To start a guild you will need a lot of maple stroy mesos, and you’ll have to go to Orbis. If you create a guild, you become the guild master or leader. Then you may invite others, etc. You can also pick a logo of sorts, and distribute different titles to members. Membership in a guild helps you make friends, who you can then easily find and contact. Friends can help you with questions you may have or can go on quests with you. Plus, hey, it’s good to have friends.
Try doing some quests, as they sometimes give you good, rare items. Even though quests often give you little experience, they are a good break from training all day long.
If you’re becoming a Magician, you can do it at level 8. Go to Ellinia and travel to the very top to talk to Grendel the Really Old. He will turn you into a Magician. If you’re becoming a Thief, you can do it at level 10. Go to Kerning City and find a door with “Fusion Jazz Bar” above it. Go inside there and go down the drain in the toilet on the left. You’ll find the Dark Lord there. He will turn you into a Rogue. If you’re becoming a Warrior, you can do it at level 10. Go to Perion and go to the Shrine of Warriors which is located at the very top. Talk to “Dances with Balrog” . If you’re becoming a Bowman, you can do it at level 10. Go to Henesys and go to Mushroom Park. Then travel to the very right until you come to a house next to Game Park. Go inside and talk to Athena Pierce. She will make you a Bowman. 

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