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Making MapleStory mesos by hunting

Hello, MapleStory players, this short statement is found from other site, hope it is informative for you, here we go !

As you have to kill acually, this way is harder than merchandising!

This part is more about saving mesos than earning them ! In order to save money, you should fight monsters that you can kill in 1-2 hits consecutivel. That means you always 1-2 hit the monster and not 3, because that would be a waste of pots and time.

Of course, you could use your mana wisely. If a monster takes you 1 maxed Magic Claw to kill (20MP) and you can consistantly kill the monster with 3 minimum lvled energy bolts, (6MP) and that is 20 mana versus 18 mana. That way, you are conserving 2 mana!

Even if you think 2 mana is nothing, wait till you hear this! You regenerate mana every 10 seconds and let's say you cast a spell every second. In 10 seconds, that's 20 mana! Wasted! If you regenerate 40 mana each time, you will only heal 20 instead! And let's not forget about Magic Guard.

But if you cast 3 seperate spells, that will take up 3 seconds to cast and and you will cast 3 spells in the 10 seconds and 6 x 10 is 60MP and 20 x 10 is 200MP. In this way you kill less enemies, but the good news is you could save a lot more maple story mesos XD !

Also, It will have the most expensive NPC drop if you hunt for monsters, because you want to spend too much time advertising to sell stuff.

Well, your best choice any time if you need cheap maple story mesos or MapleStory Powerleveling, our guys will give you best serivce, so just place orders, you will get your goods within 5--30 minutes !

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