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MapleStory  Party Quest is a term that was created in the Global version, suspected because it was easier to type. They can be found in Henesys, Kerning City, Amoria, Ludibrium, Orbis, Magatia, and Herb Town. MapleStory official name for the Party Quest is Accompaniment.Thought this game is not famous as world of warcraft,MapleStory  and Lotro,but this game still have his interesting thing

The 1st Accompaniment is in Henesys. A party of 3-6, including the leader, goes into an area where you have to hit plants to obtain seedsof a variety of colors. You then place the seeds on a platform. If they grow into a flower you have put it in the right place, if not try another platform. Once all the seeds have flowered a bunny will appear and it will be attacked by monsters. You must defend the bunny so it can make moon rice cakes for Growly. A fairly simple quest, it requires you to be level 10 and up.

The 2nd Accompaniment is in Kerning City. A party of 4, including the leader, goes through 5 stages solving puzzles and killing monsters within 30 minutes. The main idea is teamwork, since each part requires all party members to participate. At the end, a prize is given to each person ranging from ores, equipment, scrolls to potions. Only one maple story mesos party can be inside the party quest at any given time on one channel. There is also a time limit for completing each stage of the party quest. The time is inaccurate, though, as it usually does not boot people out until about 30 seconds have elapsed after the minutes are over. The level limit for this accompaniment is 21-30.

The 3rd Accompaniment can be done in Ludibrium. There are 9 stages to this quest, requiring 6 party members. This quest pushes on the fact that a variety of jobs are needed to complete the quest. The many skills each character has, such as Haste, Heal, Darksight, and Teleport are needed maple story mesos in order to pass some of the stages. This accompaniment has a new attribute that the first one does not, boxes. Boxes are opened by using a melee attack, opening the box either drops a pass, or spawns monsters. After defeating the boss on the 9th stage, there is a bonus stage in which characters open boxes. The boxes will drop lots of coins, potions and sometimes, a random equipment (earrings, and capes). After this stage, which lasts for 1 minute, the prize is given. Prizes consist of potions, ores, and equipment. The level limit for this accompaniment is 35-50.

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