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MapleStory Bowman Intermediate Guide

This passage I collected from other website , it's a guide about bowman in intermediate stage .The level and recommanded monsters are depending on how you build your archer, some places may not be good for you to level at all. For example, Fire Boars or Jr. Kitties at level 46 is much more effective for someone who has Bomb or Iron Arrow early but doesn't work for someone who is getting Final Attack at that time. Final Attack archers can take on golems earlier than archers who don't have FA, and so forth.

Level Recommended Monsters
1 - 4 Green Snails, Blue Snails

5 - 9 Red Snails, Shrooms

10 - 16 Slimes, Orange Mushrooms

17 - 20 Early DS archers: Pig Beach (pigs and ribboned pigs) , Slimes

21 - 25 Green Mushrooms, Horny Mushrooms, pigs and ribboned pigs, Wooden Masks and Ghost Stumps found at excavation site near Perion.

26 - 30 Horny Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms, Zombie Mushrooms, Crows, Wild Boars are also option, as well as Rocky Masks, which can be found at excavation site near Perion.

31 - 35 Wild Boars, Rocky Masks, Jr. Sentinels, Crows, Cico, Cicle

36 - 40 Wild Boars, Evil Eyes, Fire Boars, Jr. Kitties are recommended if you are having a hard time you could train at teddies, Brown Teddy, Pink Teddy, Cloud Fox, Masked Fish, Sakura Cellion, found in Amoria (Purple Plains) and drops high amount of maple story mesos (200-300).

40 - 45 Fire Boars, Jr. Kitties, Retz, Scuba Pepe, Black Sheep, Platoon Chronos When at level 43 with a Maple Soul Searcher, it is recommended to train at Platoon Chronos (Nice EXP and Drop) it is also recommended to do Ludibrium Party Quest.

45 - 50 Fire Boars, Jr. Kitties, Cold Eyes, Zombie Lupins, Stone Golems, Tick Tock, Barnard Gray, Robo, Master Robo, Lunar Pixies, Star Pixies, Lupins, Copper Drakes

51-55 Stone Golems, Dark Stone Golems, Extra A, Extra B, Extra C, Drakes, Jr. Yetis, Wraiths,
Lunar Pixies, Luster Pixies, Fly Eyes, Senior Kitties, Hogul, Three-Tailed Fox, Hogul, Paper Lantern Ghost

55-80 Stone Golems, Dark Stone Golems, Drakes, Senior Kitties, Lunar Pixies, Luster Pixies, Coolie Zombie, Minor Zombie, Kappa, Almost anywhere in Mu Lung.
80-100 Death Teddies, Goby, Squid, Kentaurus,Bains, Lethal Squid, Vikings, Dreamy Ghosts


Take Note that some monsters are only available for MapleSEA and Vice Versa.

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