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Maplestory tips for hunter

There are some tips for hunter.If you have just started playing a hunter in Maplestory, then this is the portion you should read.

1.When starting out, do both quests at maple island to save mesos on equipment.

2. At levels 1-10 ,pump your strength to 15 as fast as possible then pump everything to dexterity. Resume to the appropriate way of distributing your stats in all levels after 10.

3. I would recommend using a bow at lv 18 because slime tree does not require bow attacks and its good to save mesos instead of buying arrows.

4. There are many nice people in maple story, if your lacking arrows be nice and request some from people. They might give you some for free or half the price.

5. When your powerful enough to kill pigs, dont spend mesos on your arrows. Collect stiff feathers and buy processed wood and make yourself 20,000 arrows. Thats sure to last some levels.

6. Dont disgrace the job. Archers are known to be friendly helpful people that dont ks.Dont put in a bad name for all of us.

7.Archers can solo well. Asking for people for help to level or maple story mesos isnt that much of a benefit.

8. Save every penny and buy things at good deals. Making an archer your first character can be hard in terms of training and money.

9.Going FA-less is a challenge. You will be spending more than usual on pots and people will be levelling faster with FA.Get used to it. I on the other hand , like watching movies going to malls and other stuff so i dont really care if my friends get higher levels and stuff.They all respect that i went fa-less and know that it is a lot harder.

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